Super Wang

Super Wang – August 26th 2021 – 8:00pm CET

SUPER WANG! were founded in 2014 and, after only six months of existence, took first place in the preliminary round of the Emergenza band contest. From then on, the band went straight to the studio and to other club concerts, also in other European countries (including London and Amsterdam). The lyrics are German, do not pretend to be international, but even in the European capitals the audience sings along enthusiastically. Attila (vocals / bass), Dine (drums) and Phil (guitar) write their own songs and are also heavily involved in production and mixing. The live stream is free and will takemehr…Super Wang – August 26th 2021 – 8:00pm CET

Matt Charles

Matt Charles – Thursday, August 19th 2021

Matt Charles is old school – no fads, no fashion. The Tasmanian-born singer songwriter’s debut album, Java Tsunami, chases down a classic rock sound that’s fueled with honest and achingly powerful songs. Steeped in the rock sensibility of his musical heroes, the album’s lean and tight arrangements add weight and depth to Charles’ writing, while inspired playing from lead guitarist Andrew Gatenby adds just the right amount of muscle. The band rocks; all are old friends, they’re having a good time and it shows. They help make songs like Sacred Heart gleam and shimmer, while Ashes, with its seductive rhythmmehr…Matt Charles – Thursday, August 19th 2021


Potrock – Live-Stream 21/07/2021

The music of the Hamburg, Germany based band POTROCK mixes melodic vocals with hard rock / metal guitars, shimmering bass lines and punchy drumming. The varied music impresses with its simple basics and then again with sprawling arrangements.The energetic voice of the band is Kevin Lessing, a young, fresh face on the Hamburg stages. The guitar is operated by Jan Potreck, the bass by Andreas Steinhardt, the drums by Salih Gehrke and not to forget our “caretaker” Burak Kurt who is at home on various instruments.POTROCK has been playing in and around Hamburg since autumn 2016. The current ideal line-upmehr…Potrock – Live-Stream 21/07/2021